Who We Are?

SSCX is a leading Asia-based productivity and operational excellence consulting firm operating within a truly global network. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small local-manufacturer, we have deployed uniquely tailored solutions to each scale, industry, and challenge.

Our solutions produced results and we can do the same for your company. Our specialty is consistently delivering breakthrough results that make businesses more efficient and productive, cost-effective and achieving operational excellence. This is what we call here at SSCX the Bolder Result.

Our Approach in an engagement is typically one of 4 ways :

  • Management System Implementation
  • Long-term business transformation
  • Rapid Improvement
  • Skill and Development Training


We have worked with companies with various size and scale, with various scope of work to address those facts. Invite us to understand what we can do for you.

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Our Service Include :

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Long Term Business Transformation

In every engagement, the first thing we do is understanding your business goals. It is the starting point before designing and developing a program. This could be a short 3-month program to a wall-to-wall 2-year involvement.

Management System Implementation

Being involved in every step of a project is the only way to guarantee it’ll be a great one. Our team work closely with your change agents to make sure the project deliver results, all the way through.

Skill Development and Training

People involvement and development are essential for every initiative to deliver the desired result. SSCX spends a large portion of time to develop the skill, change the mindset, and trigger change.

Rapid Improvement

A highly intensive engagement focused on operations or business process transactional improvements. The goal is delivering specific business results as desired by Client.

Our team is comprised of industry leaders, operational excellence experts, and specialists whose goals are to help you achieve your goals. We measure our success by yours.

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