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PT. SSCX Teknovasi Prima

PT. SSCX Teknovasi Prima (“SSCX Technovation”) is a technology innovation company, providing digitalization and automation breakthrough for client’s continuous improvement (CI) program. SSCX Technovation inherits SSCX International’s Way in helping clients to achieve and sustain real monetized-value improvement results. SSCX Technovation works closely with clients in assessing and planning Digital & Automation Portfolio, then advancing the portfolio through: Digitalization & Automation Center of Excellence (COE), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and various Smartization Programs.

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Shift Magazine is a subjects-specific magazine with strong emphasize in operational excellence, business process improvement, manufacturing
performance, service quality, continuous improvement, productivity, and cost reduction. Shift was the answer to a vision to introduce and share the practical method and best practices of continuous improvement and operational excellence from various industries in the world. Shift aims to be a trusted reference for operational excellence and continuous improvement.



OPEXCON is the biggest operational excellence conference & award in Indonesia. OPEXCON has always been attended by approximately 500 participants consisting of business executive, continuous improvement practitioners, academicians and other professionals. Participants who attended will gain a lot of fresh ideas and opportunity to benchmark with other participants.



Altix is a technology company that provides software, automation, security system and data analysis to boost manufacturing productivity. Altix is ready to help transform manufacturing processes into Industry 4.0 and achieve world- class productivity using OEE, Predictive, Preventive and Productive Maintenance methodologies.

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PT Semai Raya Internasional

We are PT Semai Raya Internasional (SRI) is a technoventure of PT SSCX International (SSCX).

We create semai digital platform: semai-X, semai-PRO, semai-BINAR … and there will be more.

​We inherit SSCX’s legacy, as the number 1 continuous improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, etc) expert in Indonesia, combine it with palm oil subject matter expertise and emerging technology innovation (Technovation) capabilities.

​With semai, we aim to advancing palm oil business with blend of emerging technology and world class industry best practice.

We have been developing semai for several years, and after we patented our technology then we established SRI in 2020.

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