Research And Development Management Consulting

Project Overview:

Provide a clear and concise description of the proposed project, including its objectives and significance in the context of management consulting and operational excellence.


Scope and Objectives:

Define the specific scope and objectives of the project. What are the key research questions to be addressed, and what are the intended outcomes?


Client Needs and Expectations:

Understand and document the specific needs and expectations of the client in terms of management consulting and operational excellence. Tailor the R&D proposal to address these needs.



Describe the research methods and approaches that will be employed. This should include details on data collection, analysis, and any tools or frameworks that will be utilized.


Timelines and Milestones:

Create a detailed timeline with milestones for the project. Clearly indicate when specific deliverables will be achieved and when the project is expected to be completed.


Budget and Resources:

Provide a comprehensive budget that outlines the costs associated with the R&D project. Include personnel, equipment, software, and any other resources required.


Risk Assessment:

Identify potential risks and challenges that may be encountered during the project and outline strategies for mitigating these risks.


Reporting and Communication:

Detail how progress will be reported to the client, including regular updates, meetings, and the format of final reports.


References and Past Work:

Provide references to previous successful projects in the field of management consulting and operational excellence, demonstrating your organization’s expertise.



Include any additional documents, such as sample work, relevant research, or supplementary materials that support the proposal. Remember to tailor these requirements to the specific needs and expectations of your client and the unique aspects of the project. A well-structured and comprehensive proposal can greatly enhance your chances of securing the client’s business in the management consulting and operational excellence industry.



  • Minimal S1
  • Work experience 3 tahun
  • Placement in jakarta



  • Salary and Accomodation
  • BPJS after probation
  • Commission based on project


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