In House Training Program

Measurement System Analysis

Introduction to Measurement System Analysis.
Concept of Accuracy and Precision.
Repeatability and Reproducibility
Gage R&R Measurement and Analysis
How to conduct MSA Study


Kaizen event

Kaizen preparation, Kaizen detail scheduling, Toolset used in Kaizen Event and how to use it ...

Warehouse Management

How to Manage and Optimize Warehouse, Understand the importance of warehouse management for organization and main activities in warehouse management, Understand key factors influen...

Essential Supervisory Behavior

Essential Supervisory Skill to Lead the Team Basic principles of Supervisory How to make effective planning and goal setting Skill in Giving assignment Follow up Provide feedback C...

Design Thinking

This training will provide participants with understanding the Innovation Mindset Grasp the basic concept of Design Thinking Know step-by-step Design Thinking methodology And under...