Cash Flow Improvement Program

Cash Flow Improvement Program

Is lack of cash a concern for your business? Need to free vital funds to fuel your operation? Got potentially lucrative investment opportunities stalling because of cash flow concerns? At SSCX, we’re experts at turning around dangerous cash flow problems and building effective long-term cash flow management processes.

Cash is your organization’s lifeblood. Running out of cash is the single biggest reason why companies fold. In fact, highly profitable companies can suffer fatal blows from poor cash flow management. At SSCX, we help you not only improve your current cash flow situation for immediate relief, but we also provide you with the knowledge, tools and expertise to secure operational excellence long into the future.

Poor financial discipline

unstable cost management processes and a weak understanding of the cost base.

Targeting the wrong cuts

when times are tough, certain activities are easily targeted for cuts, but often this approach does not tackle the baseline operating cost adjustments required for long term change.

Capabilities gaps

employees are lacking the experience or expertise to make long-term organizational and behavioral changes required to sustain a focus on efficiency.

Poor measurement of results

without effective monitoring of the performance improvement activities, good results could actually be bad and vice versa.

We’ll help you do it the correct way: analyze gap from desired cash-to-cash cycle, immediately release cash from operation, cutting unnecessary cost, and improving overall plant efficiency.

Cash flow management tools: working capital that works.

  • Learn best practice in cash flow management
  • Get rapid solutions to immediate cash flow problems
  • Better control cash coming in and out of your business
  • Improve short term cash flow and long-term cash planning
  • Prevent excess cash holdings for most efficient use of capital
  • Execute aggressive cost control to for improved profitability

Productivity improvement plant that work with SSCX:

Technical and System

Leaner, more efficient and effective organizational processes. Cash flow problems are mostly related to poor operation. High inventory level, long supply lead time, poor on time delivery, and poor cash-to-cash cycle are probably one of your concerns. Opportunities for reducing cash-to-cash cycle further are abundant, most companies are far from maxing out on the cash flow improvement gains that are available from effective system, processes, and products.

Inventory Optimization

The entire construct of supply-demand balancing is at the heart of what inventory optimization is. The goal: having the just right amount of inventory, in just the right places, to meet customer service and revenue goals. Our expertise in operational management and manufacturing process are setting us apart from “only a concept” to a viable and effective inventory management.

WIP Reduction

Reducing and removing WIP, although very appealing (and is a common sense), is an advantage of a reliable manufacturing process. To be able to reduce WIP, your organization must focus on improving overall equipment effectiveness, improving raw material consistency, and having a strong process control.

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