Profitability Prior to Sale or Acquisition

Profitability Prior to Sale or Acquisition

Are you looking to sell a business but are not currently in a position to maximize your sale price? Or perhaps you have just acquired a company and are looking to quickly and effectively improve its performance.

Either way, at SSCX we’re experts at boosting the profitability and productivity of businesses. We work with you to develop an aggressive and sustainable growth strategy in order to reach the revenue and profit targets you desire.

Turnaround Acquisition Rapidly

We help you develop your newly acquired business and its people. We help you improve profitability and reduce expenditure using a framework of tried and tested business improvement strategies, such Six Sigma and Lean. At SSCX, we can help you achieve the results you want in months, instead of years.

Become more Attractive to Buyer

Get the asking price you want for your business. Get short-term profitability boosts and efficiency drives that will make your financial position much more attractive to an acquisition company.

Our plan makes ambitious demands for immediate short-term results, but most importantly ensures a sustainable financial gain and improved people behavior:

  • Improve profitability
  • Improve the effectiveness of people and systems
  • Maximizing uptime for equipment and systems
  • Minimizing your maintenance costs
  • Achieve aggressive growth results

Productivity improvement plant that work with SSCX:

Technical and System

Leaner, more efficient and effective organizational processes. Productivity Improvement is the ability of an organization to maximize ratio of output and resources. Opportunities for boosting productivity further are abundant, most companies are far from maxing out on the productivity gains that are available from properly implementing productivity improvement programs.

Analytical Approach

We use real data collected and analyzed about your business, not some general principles. Such initiative need to be undertaken with excellent analysis and planning, within a methodological framework that is proven to bring real results. Great savings are possible with well-planned process redesign, change in people behavior, improved management control system—when such initiatives are undertaken with well informed decisions based on the understanding of true costs and value returns.

Behavior Changes

With education and coaching, you teams have the necessary behavior to deliver a more productive, profitable and aggressive business strategy. Fail to change behavior will result in a temporary fixes and hamper long term performance

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Discover productivity improvement with SSCX: achieve growth, revenue and profit targets with greater speed, predictability, better management control, and improved behavior. Free of charge discovery meeting, call us today at +621 576 3020