Rapid Efficiency and Effectiveness Program

Rapid Efficiency and Effectiveness Program

In business there is one thing you can be certain of you have competitors who are working hard to steal your market share by building a more efficient and effective operation. The challenge is how to best these rivals through operational excellence. At SSCX, we offer you the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve your processes, people and results.

SSCX has performed hundreds of process fixing, productivity improvement, and cost reduction workshops in manufacturing, mining, and service sectors. Depends on the complexity of process or products and the desired outcomes, these events will be between 2 to 10 days.

With deep experience and practical know-how, we help you build a better process best suited to achieving your operational goals. All the time ensuring you’re focused on meeting your customer demands and remaining responsive to market opportunities.

Rapid Efficiency and Effectiveness Program is a practical, sustainable and results focused plans. Utilizing with our straight-forward approach:


Training on

  • Lean Manufacturing or Lean Service
  • Operations
  • Basic Problem Solving Tools
  • Kaizen Event


Baselining, Mapping Existing Process

  • Determine Improvement Target
  • Team Formulates Process Improvement
  • Map Existing Process (VSM)
  • Hands-On Workplace Improvement
  • Team Leader Meeting


Workplace Improvement (whichever relevant)

  • Conduct 5S
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Solution Matrix
  • Team Leader Meeting


Refine Improvements

  • Establish Standard Operations
  • Teach All Employees on New Procedures
  • Re-Time Cycle Times and Validate Results


Review Key Learning

  • Establish 30-Day Homework
  • Prepare Presentation
  • Present Results and Future Challenges
  • Recognition and Celebration

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