Sustainable Operational Excellence Systems

Sustainable Operational Excellence Systems

SSCX is a leading operational excellence consulting firm, with solid experience in sustainable operational and financial improvements. We’re dedicated to helping you design and implement ambitious yet sustainable improvement plans – using globally respected systems such as Six Sigma and Lean. We help you understand the fundamental changes that need to occur for your cost reduction plan to work now and years into the future.

Taking only part of the ‘recipe’

Weak understanding of the overall program and tend to focus only in some of the ‘interesting’ or ‘easy’ part of the whole system.

Targeting the wrong cuts

When times are tough, certain activities are easily targeted for cuts, but often this approach does not tackle the baseline operating cost adjustments required for long term change.

Go with flavor of the month

Without consistency and quick wins, things will fall apart easily, changing program every few months will not help organization gain any benefit.

Capabilities gaps

Employees are lacking the experience or expertise to make long-term organizational and behavioral changes required to sustain a focus on efficiency.

We’ll help you do it the correct way: align business needs, communicating changes, build powerful coalition with stakeholders, getting immediate results, and embed the change into organization culture.

Productivity improvement plant that work with SSCX:

Lean Six Sigma

The core of Six Sigma is to seek improvement in the business goals using disciplined approach and rigorous set of tools. This strategy is driven by strong leadership and enabled by capable change agents, commonly called as Black Belts and Green Belts.

Lean Six Sigma could be implemented in broad business sector e.g. Manufacture, Service industry and Healthcare provider..

Total Productive Maintenance

Workplace Improvement (whichever relevant)

  • Conduct 5S
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Solution Matrix
  • Team Leader Meeting

Shift Magazine

Design Thinking

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