Any manufacturer which not continually improving their processes is likely to be left behind. But making performance improvements without major investment has never been tougher.
At SSCX, we guide you through a program of performance transformation – helping you to produce better quality products, deliver them faster with more competitive prices. Using globally recognized improvement programs, including lean and six sigma, we take an integrated and comprehensive approach to improving your manufacturing operation.

We will help you turn threats – competition from globalization, rapid technological developments, shrinking product life cycles, resource constraints and increasingly demanding customers – into growth opportunities.

In other words: we give you a genuine competitive advantage by making you leaner and more efficient so you outcompete your rivals.

To get the best results, we help you deliver change at every level of your organization, from the factory floor to the boardroom. We provide immediate short-term results, but most importantly, we make sure you can sustain this change over time.

Performance transformation: helping you every step of the way.

Developing your manufacturing strategy

You’re striving for flexible and efficient processes – we help you get there quickly. We reduce costs and increase efficiency, ensuring your operation is lean through all stages – always focusing on what is best for your customers.

Instilling manufacturing excellence

We help you develop rigorous new methods for improving quality and variability management, while simultaneously boosting manufacturing reliability.

Advanced capability building

To execute integrated performance transformation, we develop a comprehensive capabilities development program. This ensures that the changes required have organizational buy in and are deliverable by your teams.

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You will get the benefit from all of these game-changing advancements to your operation without sacrificing quality or safety standards. Tell us about your company needs and we will be at your service. Get Free 2 Hours sharing session by contacting our Business Development Officer.