Mining & Energy

Mining & Energy

The commodity market is dynamic. The recent boom in the resource sector is coupled with continuing uncertainty about the future of the global economy. This means two things to your company: threats and opportunities. With lucrative contracts in their sights, your competitors are getting leaner and more effective. In other words, it has never been more important to have a sharp focus on operations.

At SSCX, we work with organizations across the resource sector, including: oil, gas, electric power, mining and metal companies – helping them to dramatically improve productivity and operational excellence using globally recognized improvement programs.

Power your company performance to the next level with the SSCX integrated approach:

Improve your profitability

Improve operational and financial performance by making your operation lean, agile and aggressive in its pursuit of increased output and reduced inputs

Advanced growth strategy

Expand revenue aggressively yet at a sustainable pace for the long term. SSCX will help you achieve in months what would normally take years

Focus on adding value

We improve your profitability by analyzing and reducing activities that do not directly add value to your business

Process improvements

We help to you to become a lean and agile company by developing with you lean and agile processes

Trim technology spend

Discover smarter and more efficient ways to use technology to your advantage. Maximize equipment uptime and reduce your maintenance costs

Process improvements


Working with key individuals, we conduct a detailed expert analysis of your operation

Defined objectives

We design a custom operational excellence program with a compelling business case.

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You will get the benefit from all of these game-changing advancements to your operation without sacrificing quality or safety standards. Tell us about your company needs and we will be at your service. Get Free 2 Hours sharing session by contacting our Business Development Officer.