Retail and Logistic

Retail and Logistic

In retail, everything starts and ends at the point of sales. Having the fastest lead time, most efficient inventory level, along with highly competitive pricing, streamlining processes, and cost-effective business practices are crucial to continual success in this industry and key to achieving true operational excellence. We find creative solutions to service handling, order management, replenishment and stocking procedures by working from a company-wide view.

At SSCX, we build foundation for your business to deliver the best service to the customers, while improving your profitability and competitiveness. Through the following steps:

Process improvements

Bring products from the supplier to the customer quickly and cost-effectively. Discover creative solutions to control order management, replenishment and stocking procedures, without investing in expensive it systems or logistics operations.

Improve your profitability

Improve operational and financial performance by making your operation lean, agile and aggressive in its pursuit of increased output and reduced inputs.

Improved customer relationships

Get faster, more effective customer service. Improve service quality, capacity and reduce customer waiting-times, all using resources already at your disposal.

Get measurable results

It’s vital that any performance improvement program is benchmarked and a culture of continuous improvement is in place.

Eliminate waste

Reduce lead times, reduce energy consumption, improve productivity, drive operational excellence and optimize risk management.

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You will get the benefit from all of these game-changing advancements to your operation without sacrificing quality or safety standards. Tell us about your company needs and we will be at your service. Get Free 2 Hours sharing session by contacting our Business Development Officer.