Project Implementation

Project Implementation

  • Financial and Services Sector

    Through assessment research and the use of operational excellence tools, SSCX International is able to see the gaps and conditions the company wants to achieve. Our consultants will analyze ongoing systems, effectiveness and efficiency of the company, even observing human resource behavior in industrial processes.
    We are trying to improve problem solving business process and operational excellence with breakthrough end to end services.
    As one of our experiences assist the implementation of one of the state-owned company. They have problems in improving their productivity, we start by collecting data. Then know what kind of operational conditions in the field at that time, and how the client's expectations related to the improvement will be done.
    The results of our project improvement can make the company better than the standard operational procedure (SOP), successfully cutting the work process which certainly has an impact on time. Even companies are able to achieve efficiencies up to 70 percent, and employees become more eager to continue to improve productivity.

  • Mining & Energy Sector

    The decline in coal prices in the world and the potential cost of losses due to the use of fuel in mining equipment becomes one indication of problems in the production process. The company certainly needs to anticipate and respond to the symptoms of the ineffectiveness of the production process.
    How to do that? By implementing continuous improvements.
    As experienced by one of the well-known mining company. together with SSCX International, they strives to implement a number of project improvements aimed at improving process, system and people in achieving operational excellence and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.
    At that time we started by recruiting 29 change agents from related work unit, we involve them as program implementer using Lean Six Sigma Work stream model. The scope of their current productivity enhancement achievements are operational cost savings through HPP control, behavioral change measurement and ongoing process standardization.
    For six months, SSCX International helped them implementing the improvement program, which ultimately achieved results that was not only met their expectations, but even exceeded our expectations.
    During the implementation of the improvement program, they were able to reduce controllable cost by 27%, saving IDR 5.7 billion for fuel consumption, IDR 34.1 billion production savings, and also save IDR 3.1 Billion for decreasing operating hours of supporting equipment.

  • Manufacturing Sector

    The speed of production in the industrial world is very important. For example, like one of the companies in the manufacturing sector that we work with, to identify the root of their problems, fix the production process.
    Beginning with the assessment stage, it is known that the production process they are experiencing, are in the machine / tool, human, environment, materials and methods used. The implementation of the process improvements that we assisted for four days, managed to increase their production by 180%.
    How did we do that?
    We fix the system, create a standard system and make sure the SOP is running. We fix the production process by standardizing the tool. Then in terms of people, we do the training and socialization to the factory workforce in order to increase employees performance and productivity.
    Then how is the results?
    The results of the implementation of the improvement project in the Kaizen Event, succeeded in improving the effectiveness of production. Bonding gap decreased from 1.90% to 1.22%, over cement decreased from 1.64% to 1.60%, and PPH rose to 11%.
    With efforts to reduce waste and defect in production, plus the effectiveness of the use of human resources in the workflow, it gives a positive impact in the form of increased production, cost savings, which ultimately reaching the inhancement in corporate income.
    Implementation of continuous improvements to systems, processes and people, assisted by our consultants has proved successful in overcoming the effectiveness of production at the plant.