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Premysis Consulting

A management consulting firm dedicated to support organizations in all sectors of business, industry and government, in envisioning change as well as undertaking change initiatives. To accomplish our objectives, we provide a wide range of consulting and training services in the areas of Strategic, Quality, Environmental, Healthcare, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental, Human Resources, Leadership & Service Quality, and Food Safety.

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A boutique strategic management consulting firm specializing on high growth companies and industries in Indonesia. As an affiliate of SSCX International, Fortia combines strategic management solution with operational excellence expertise to achieve sustainable and profitable growth for our diversified clients portfolio

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Shift Magazine is a subjects-specific magazine with strong emphasize in operational excellence, business process improvement, manufacturing
performance, service quality, continuous improvement, productivity, and cost reduction. Shift was the answer to a vision to introduce and share the practical method and best practices of continuous improvement and operational excellence from various industries in the world. Shift aims to be a trusted reference for operational excellence and continuous improvement.



OPEXCON is the biggest operational excellence conference & award in Indonesia. OPEXCON has always been attended by approximately 500 participants consisting of business executive, continuous improvement practitioners, academicians and other professionals. Participants who attended will gain a lot of fresh ideas and opportunity to benchmark with other participants.

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Flow Technologi Asia

Display OEE XL is an amazingly simple and effective solution for improving plant floor productivity. It’s an off-the-shelf product that delivers real-time manufacturing visibility and performance management tools to your entire manufacturing team. And it’s an indispensable tool for lean manufacturing and real-time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

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