SSCX delivers breakthrough results that make businesses more efficient and productive, cost effective, and achieving operational excellence.

We have delivered breakthrough results to organizations in financial, manufacturing, mining operation, service & hospitality and retail and logistic.

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Profit Through Productivity Improvement

Whatever your industry, improved productivity is desirable yet often very hard to secure. At SSCX, we show you how great savings are possible with well-planned process re-design, changes to team behaviors, and improved management control systems

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Cashflow Improvement Program

Is lack of cash a concern for you business? Need to free vital funds to fuel your operation? Got potentially lucrative investment opportunities stalling because of cash flow concerns? At SSCX, we’re experts at turning around dangerous cash flow problems and building effective long-term cash flow management processes.

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Sustainable Operational Excellence Systems

There is an age-old problem when it comes to reducing costs and achieving operational efficiency: sustainability. Securing short-term cost savings can be easy; you simply make a range of cuts. SSCX combines short-term gains, sustainability, and best practices in implementing operational excellence programs or sustainable improvement systems.

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Rapid Efficiency and Effectiveness Program

In business there is one thing you can be certain of: you have competitors who are working hard to steal your market share by building a more efficient and effective operation. At SSCX, we offer you the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve your processes, people and results.

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Profitability Prior to Sale or Acquisition

Are you looking to sell a business but are not currently in a position to maximize your sale price? Or perhaps you have just acquired a company and are looking to quickly and effectively improve its performance. We have the solutions to help you increase EVA.

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Lean is a business practice, operational strategy, and management philosophy. At its core, Lean is centered on the preservation of value with less resources—by focusing on reducing waste and wasteful practices to improve overall customer value.
While the basic philosophy of Lean Service is the same as Lean Manufacturing—this needs to be defined a little bit differently because of natural differences in each industry.
The core of Six Sigma is to seek improvement in the business goals using disciplined approach and rigorous set of tools. This strategy is driven by strong leadership and enabled by capable change agents, commonly called as Black Belts and Green Belts
The goal of TPM is to improve overall equipment effectiveness while systematically improving productivity, costefficiency and increasing output

Why Choose Us

  • Hands-on experience in delivering result to wide range of industries
  • Skilled and experience project directors and consultants
  • Provide solution across Asia Pacific region with base in Indonesia
  • Proven and measurable results
  • Global experience in providing solutions with local understanding

Project Showcase

Freeport Indonesia


SSCX has worked with PT Freeport Indonesia to develop the expertise of productivity improvement through Lean Six Sigma methods. The program started in 2008 and has continued until today.

Frina Lestari Nusantara


With over 30 years of manufacturing and trading experience, FLN started its operations by providing installation of automotive accessories to the Indonesian aftermarket. Identifying an opportunity in the market, FLN began designing and manufacturing accessories

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali PJB


Since its establishment in 1995, PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) has always been dedicated to Indonesia. PT PJB takes a leading role in promoting the national economy development by providing high-quality, reliable and sustainable energy

Astra Honda Motor

, ,

SSCX works with PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to improve quality performance indicator in order to increase customer satisfaction for Indonesia market. AHM is the market leader of motorcycle in Indonesia, producing more than 3,000,000

According to our clients

We are satisfied with the level of service we have received from SSCX, the high level of training quality delivered and appreciated the flexibility of support provided. Trainer from SSCX was both very knowledgeable and enjoyable to learn from. We would not hesitate to recommend SSCX to other companies or individuals who need Six Sigma education and consultancy services.

Octavius Tjiantoro - Head of Business of Continuous Improvements, April Asia
Bank Mandiri has strong passion in delivering top notch service to satisfy our customer and to be the best bank with strong positive culture, SSCX shares the same passion and quality.

Sasmita - Director of Technology and Operations, Bank Mandiri, Tbk
Integrating Freeport Mining Concentrating Division’s human capital and management commitment with SSCX’s quality service is what drives us forward in accelerating cost transformation.

Iyan Kusnadi - Concentrating Division, PT Freeport Indonesia
I was greatly helped by SSCX through programs provided with an excellent fit with our needs. Effective approach provided to us in developing programs based on current situation so that the results are easy to apply yourself. Everything comes in a handy and easy to implement, plus they give you flexibility and freedom to choose based on what you need. Excellent Service! Could not ask for more!

Vonny Simon - Continuous Improvement Manager, Soho Group